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Roman Pompeii Gladius Swords with Free Roman Gladiator Sword Letter Opener
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Become a Roman Gladiator with this Roman Pompeii Gladius sword. The two main sword weapons of Imperial Rome were the 'Spatha' and the most well known the 'Gladius'.
The Gladius was a shorter sword with a wide blade, double edged with a sharp, strong point, and was used as a stabbing weapon. This was the standard infantory weapon of the Roman Legions. This exceptional hand-crafted Roman Pompeii Gladius sword has a stainless steel blade which can be sharpened. The hand-made wooden handle and brass and leather scabbard exemplifies the beauty and authenticity of Roman Swords! 28" And along with your Roman Pompeii Gladius Sword, you will receive this Roman Gladius letter opener with stand, Free of Charge! 10" Informative certificate included.

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