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Roman Gladiator School
roman gladiators
Marius Labienus the Slayer from Syracuse
marius gladiator
marius roman gladiatorI am Marius Labienus Judaicus- my ancestry hails from Sicily.
We are Ludus Gladiatorum Australis (southern gladiator school) located in Atlanta Ga.
Our lanista (master) is Martius Caelius Rollo. We have been operational since 2002 but we also have been reenacting roman soldiers since 2000.
We perform full contact fights using real equipment.
Our weapons however are made of needlefelt which is thick felt hardened by glue.
This doesn't puncture the skin but leaves serious bruises and cuts to tell the story of our fight.
We organize several shows throughout the southeastern USA.
For info about our schedule or how to get involved contact me at or the lanista at
roman gladiators
Marius the slayer from syracuse- green fights Naso - brown- the hoplomachus
Marius Labienus- green- myrmillo fights
Martious Rollo- red- thraex
roman gladiators
roman gladiators
Martious Rollo- red- hoplomachus fights Germanicus- white- the myrmillo
Ludus Gladiatorum Australis Martiuous Rollo Lanista and Summa Palus as thraex
roman gladiators
from a recent event in Maryland at which the Ludus Gladiatorum
Australis from Georgia, met for the first time with the Ludus Magnus
Gladiatoris from New York.
A great day of combat followed...
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