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Learn how to fight like the Roman Gladiators with Spartacus from Rome! the only Roman Gladiator School with FREE lessons on line!
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Ciao Gladiators from all over the world, my name is Spartacus from Rome and welcome to my Roman Gladiator School
I am the only Roman Gladiator from Italy now living in the USA and I am the founder of the first virtual Roman Gladiator School on the WEB!
I want to share with all of you fans of the Ancient Roman Empire and especially of the Roman Gladiators, all the techniques of how to fight and train like a real Roman Gladiator!
Also, if you are a Roman Gladiator, I offer you a FREE Web page to share your pictures with us...
Enjoy my free Web Gladiator Lessons... my goal is to show you how to you use all the different gladiator's weapons with a realistic effect, but without that anybody gets hurt...
These gladiator fighting techniques are often used in the action roman movies and I had the opportunity to learn them in Rome by one of the most famous Roman Gladiator stuntman... Are you curious?
Wait, a last minute news... I am building the first Roman Arena in the USA... the Spartacus Gladiator School

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